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About a week ago, someone e-mailed me and asked about my experience with long-distance education. I thought it would be nice to make my response public to you all:

Well, personally I have mixed feelings about it. On one hand, I had a reason to be on the computer all day, and I had easy access to my friends but also, it felt pointless being in those meetings, since I barely paid attention. It eventually became a routine I despised. Wake up, go to zoom, listen to music or nap, play videogames with friend, cry over relationship issues and fall asleep at two in the morning. Full honesty, a nightmare.

Offline school has some bit of excitement and there are actual consequences if I don’t listen or fall asleep in class. Plus, I feel as if I have more privacy, seeing that my classmates can’t see my messy room. Also, that gruelling routine is kind of gone, not entirely though. However, I definitely see it as an improvement.

All in all, as much as I enjoyed having more free time, even if it was part of a painful routine, I feel as if have wasted valuable time in my teen years on zoom conferences that did not help me in my education at all. And by the looks of it, I’ll be spending even more time in online school. May the universe have mercy on my soul.


I am pretty sure we all know, students and some adults have to work from home because of COVID-19. Sometimes we go back to school/work and then they send us back to online working. But what are the differences between face-to-face and distance learning? How does it affect our lives?

My experience is not so positive, even though a lot of people are happy to stay at home and not do homework. It is a different kind of work with which I am only glad I tried, because I don’t want to continue like this. There are some advantages, for example. I can sleep longer and I don’t have to worry about getting to school on time, based on the fact that I have my computer on my desk not too far away from my bed. Nobody rushes me to write everything in my notebook, I can take time and do it slowly. We don’t have exams, which is an advantage and disadvantage at the same time. I am not stressed about them when we are at home but I know our come-back to school will be full of rushing to get the grades we are missing. It is very bad that we stare at the screen for hours. I think my eyesight got worse because of that and now I need glasses to see things from the distance. Screens can hurt our eyes and consequences can be worse that those that happened to me. To those, who actually do the work, I heard it takes more of the free time we had before.

Of course there are people who don’t do anything and think these are just holidays. Well, that’s their loss, they will have to worry about it later. I think the best way of combining both ways of learning is for us to be one week in school and one at home. I can’t really think of anything else for better education. Most of the problems are just safety rules and we mustn’t get rid of them or things will get even worse.


Classroom education is definitely the most common, so the distance learning was a new challenge and experience for many people. But was it really as effective as face-to face learning? Is there a chance that future education will be online?

The first week in lockdown I became more and more sad, I couldn’t hang out with my friends or do sports. Firstly, my family and I didn’t even have a computer so I had to do schoolwork on my phone, which was difficult. My motivation was low and when I figured out that quarantine will be longer than 14 days, I told my mum about my problems. We quickly bought a computer and I started school ‘normally’.

Compared to face-to face, distance learning has some advantages. For example, our air became cleaner, because we didn’t use as much traffic as before, it was less stressful and we had more time for ourselves or to hang out with family. In general, we became lazier, because we couldn’t go out ad do sports. But as good as it is, classroom learning is more effective and more interesting, because you can be with your friend who can help you.

In the future, schools should be opened and work as they did before. To people who work alone or can’t go to work because of health issues it could be offered as on on-line version.


Hello and welcome to my blog! Today, we’ll talk about classroom vs. distance education. My experience during the COVID-19 lockdown and distance education was quite good, but I had to study even more since I didn’t get direct explanation from teachers and I had to explain some things to myself.

Advantages of distance learning are longer brakes and it’s definitely more quiet than in the classroom. I also didn’t have to wake up at 6 am to catch the bus. Longer brakes gave me more time to prepare for the next class and take a snack or get something to drink.

Disadvantages are mostly pets and younger siblings because they come in front of the camera while the teacher is explaining stuff we need to write down. A disadvantage is also more work. They gave us more stuff to write down and more pages to solve in workbooks.

Future education could combine face-to-face and zoom meetings, because I personally think it would be easier and a recommendation to Slovenian school authorities: please, give us less work!

That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed my blog.


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